About Smart Click

Smart Click is one window application to manage all the activities of a school in one system. It eliminates your need to have separate solution for every activity. Smart Click assists in upgrading the standards of any school. It is equally helpful for the management as much as for transforming the educational standards, increasing the security systems, bridging the communication gap between students, parents, faculties and management teams.

It has an exceptionally simple, and attractive user interface, enriched with modern, and easy-to-use GUI components.

General Register System

Pre-Admission Management

Personal identification and academic information of the student. This helps in recording all enquiries before the admission process. It also allows in handling process like Admission Form, Parents details, Cancelled Admissions etc.

Post-Admission Management

It contains all information about student. This product helps in delivering Bonafide , Leaving Certificate in minutes. Hence, time and effort are saved for the employee as well as the student.

RFID Attendance

Automated attendance system for students as well as employees.

Exam Management

Exam Setting

Just make setting at once and start to fill the marks of each student. After that you can get all reports at a glance, regarding student and each class also.

Examination Management

EM software functions are equipped with comprehensive total examination approach which not only test the knowledge of the students, but also considers their all-round skill sets.

Student Progress Tracking Management

It shows student progress in graphical views. With the help of this management system.Teachers, parents can monitor students progress in studies and extracurricular activities.

Fee Management

Fees collection and receipt printing is the most important department of school as it is a major source of income and activity of any day in a school. The system automates fee collection for any school with complete security and accuracy of the data.

It has been designed specially to minimize the efforts.The program efficiently manages all the data which simplifies and eases the work.It also avoids duplication of work and efforts of multiple feeding of student fee.


Fee Receipt, Daily Fee Collection, Date Wise Fee Report, Class Wise Fee Report, Class Wise pending Fee Report, Instalment Wise Pending Fee Report, Instalment Wise Collected Fee Report, Total School Fee Summary, Student Wise Pending Fee Report.

BarCode Library Management

It can manage all the operations in library such as –

  • Member registration
  • Book registration with quantity
  • Searching books and members
  • Maintain records of borrow and return books
  • Users can generate barcodes for books
  • Fine Settings
  • Fine Calculation
  • Fine Consession
  • Book Claiming facility
  • Book Stock Records

BarCode Visitor Management

  • A Camera takes photo of the visitor at the entrance.
  • The reception or security personnel enter the details of the visitor or Pre-scheduled appointment is displayed.
  • Total no. of check ins and checkouts displayed in Graphical presentation.
  • Monitoring movement of visitors in the premises.
  • Auto check out facility.
  • Admin can see how many visitors are in queue to meet particular person.
  • Real time Monitoring of number of visitors in organization.

Canteen Management

Many organizations provide Canteen as an additional subsidized facility to their students and Employees as a welfare measure. Our design provides a user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operations to cover larger section of students and employees within a specified time. Our module is paperless and has almost cashless transactions. This system is also compatible in an environment where multiple Caterers operate in a closed environment


  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bill
  • Vendor wise Bill
  • Gate pass facility for employees and students
  • Automatic bill generation

Transport Management

  • RFID Integration
  • Check Point Alerts
  • Push Notifications
  • Google Maps support
  • Mobile Application
  • On the move tracking
  • It sends alerts to the admin department on over speeding also on leaving specified route or track.
  • Keeps data about school buses which includes Daily Distance, Over speeding, Stoppage, Geofence Registration.
  • Keeps data about Vehicle Maintenance.

Inventory Management

Organize schools inventory all in one place. Use barcodes for tracking stock. With everything all together, you’ll get what you need, on time.

Track your entire process from external requisition to order confirmation. Generate invoices and handle special cases like credits and returns. You no longer need spreadsheets.

Track internal requisition with returns, Item issue report, Inventory Book Purchase, Inventory Book issue, Stock Report, Book Stock Details, etc.

InFlow helps you strike the right balance stock with reports and dashboard.

Alerts for external requisition, requisition confirmation, less no of stock

Visitor Management

Visitor management is the recording and collection of visitor data, either manually or through automated check in software, for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who they are visiting and how long they spent there.

Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in with a digital check in system.Improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations

Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data, quickly and easily via visitor management software.

  • Software prints the Visitor Entry Pass for visitor.
  • Each Employee can see their visitor list.
  • Admin can see how many visitors are in queue to meet particular person.
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