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About Mayara TSI

Mayara TSI is an IT solution company working to find simple, and better solutions in the domain of Education. This is an era of transformation. Everything around us is becoming smart! As an IT solutions company, we facilitate this change with our innovative systems.

We develop, restructure the systems as per client requirements, and ever changing technologies while leveraging the existing one. Quality in product, excellence in service, and ever evolving perfection in our work are the driving factors behind our work culture.

We invariably try and develop eye catching, user friendly websites that employment optimally for Organisations too. With our target premium quality web design backed by end client service approach and our efforts to make new benchmarks in web design and development, during this region area unit the seller of alternative. We tend to shall continuously stay indebted for our client’s belief and demanding suggestion’s, it aspires us to inspire associates of our clients to conjoin too.

Why? Mayara TSI

Our work ethic is visible in our products as well as out service. We believe that Quality is supreme. Our systems are user friendly, secure, and holistic. Our experience, and expertise in designing systems for education sector makes us trustworthy.

Secrecy and security are paramount to us. We take great care in design – service –delivery of our work to clients. We believe is policy driven process of development which creates a sophisticated system while achieving a healthy relationship with clients.

Mayara TSI concern for client’s digital look and desires of the concerned. Clarity, transparency and prompt attention at every stage.

A dynamic team of responsible, reliable professionals leads by Mr.Rohit Katake, a leader with seven years of active expertise, prolific web designer and a master programmer who endlessly strives to stay in tune with the days.

More than 1000 web pages designed & developed until date across numerous business verticals like hospitality, engineering/industry, education, social, property, trade, medical professionals/institutes, co-operative sector etc…. Responsive web design technology with w3c standard web design coding practices for a sleek viewing across multiple devices.

Mayara Beliefs

  • Quality is supreme.
  • Easy does it! Easy to use, efficient in performance.
  • Security and secrecy are paramount while designing any system.

Mayara Approach

  • Client friendly, user friendly designs
  • A policy driven process which dictates clarity in all aspects of development.
  • Our beliefs and, approach makes us friendly, trustworthy and generates a mutual feeling of loyalty.
  • Our experience in designing systems for schools creates a comfortable relationship with our clients.

Our Skills

Bootstrap 90%
UI Design 95%
PHP 85%
HTML/CSS & JavaScript 80%